Fintech Suisse

Fintech Suisse is an integrated part of Stokholm Legal.


We believe in the blockchain technology as the foundational platform of the 4th Industrial Revolution, and we offer a full suite of services to build the bridge between traditional finance and the world of Digital Assets.


Our speciality is to facilitate strategic partnerships between high-end liquidity providers, banks and exchanges.

The challenge is the following:

In five years from now, no one can tell what will have the biggest impact on the global economy. What we know today, might be changed tomorrow, at least when we talk new tech developments. 


For about a hundred years ago, Joseph Schumpeter called the phenomena on changing business cycles and the rise and fall of economic players for creative destruction. Schumpeters point was, that entrepreneurial innovation and new developments are aimed to destruct the weakest link in the market. “Creative destruction” is necessary to build up new economic players to make the free market stronger and less fragile.

We aim to build up such new economic players, and we have a strong international network to facilitate this.


​Zürich, Switzerland